Kendra Davis-Roberts, MPS

Kendra Davis-Roberts, MPS

Owner & Principal Analyst, KDR Analytics

Professional Journey
Kendra Davis-Roberts has shaped her career with a commitment to excellence, cultivating an impressive array of HR skills with industry giants such as HP, Inc., Wawa, Inc. and Comcast. Her expertise spans across People Analytics, HRIS, Recruiting, HR operations, and Program Management, always with a keen focus on enriching the employee experience—a testament to her belief in its pivotal role within HR practices.

Analytics Expertise
With six years dedicated to People Analytics and Insights and over a decade in Human Resources, Kendra has become a vanguard in the field, delivering strategic insights that fuel organizational transformation and innovation. Renowned for her proficiency in establishing People Analytics Centers of Excellence, she adeptly integrates cutting-edge software and conducts advanced analyses on pivotal HR metrics, driving forward initiatives in resignation, retention, talent management and talent acquisition.

Philadelphia Roots
A proud Philadelphian (Go Phillies! Go Eagles!), Kendra’s academic and personal life is deeply rooted in the City of Brotherly Love. Her educational journey, culminating in both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, was proudly completed at The Pennsylvania State University—a foundation that has supported her professional ethos and success.

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