Dr. Debra Lindh, Ed.D.

Dr. Debra Lindh, Ed.D.

PTSD Survivor-Warrior, Amazon Best Selling Author and Award-Winning Scholar Practitioner

Dr. Deb Lindh (Dr. Deb) is a PTSD Survivor-Warrior, Amazon Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Scholar Practitioner, and founder of the global Twitter Chat #PTSDandBeyond and the podcast PTSD and Beyond, which were both launched to provide advocacy, support and resources as well as hope, inspiration, education and empowerment to everyone affected by, and with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Dr. Deb’s contributions to Post-Traumatic Stress Recovery stems from sharing her story, experiences and medication-free recovery with surviving narcissistic child abuse. “If there’s a solution, I’ll find it and if not, I’ll build one,” Dr. Deb Lindh.

While earning her doctorate, Dr. Deb focused her studies and committed to helping herself overcome the many symptoms of PTSD – all without medication, using herself as the guinea pig and experiment while also acting as the researcher, scientist, innovator and client. Dr. Deb created evidence-based interventions, practical techniques and a company, Mindful Effect, where she teaches these techniques and interventions to help people develop skills and be self-reliant in managing PTSD.

Dr. Deb has been inspiring global audiences for over twenty years on innovation, success, stress management, PTSD and mindfulness. Dr. Deb has received many awards and is globally recognized for her pioneering contributions from organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, PsychCentral’s Top 21 to Follow on Twitter, University of Arizona School of Medicine, American Psychological Association and Working Mother Media. She has appeared on The Brian Tracy Show, as well on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX news.