Detective Joseph Rovnan

Detective Joseph Rovnan

Counter Terrorism Unit / Homeland Security Bureau Philadelphia Police Department

Detective Joseph Rovnan is a 30-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. He is nationally recognized as a subject matter expert in Active Shooter strategies, programs and response. Joe has presented on the subject matter to hundreds of law enforcement representatives, businesses, law firms, media outlets, community organizations, healthcare facilities and school students.

As a testament to his expertise, Joe was honored to have been selected by the Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Office to regularly present a special active shooter program, “Keeping Kids Safe”, for students throughout the entire Philadelphia School District.

In his current assignment in the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homeland Security/ Counter Terrorism Operations Bureau, Detective Rovnan serves as the primary negotiator during any hostage, barricade situation or critical incident in the City and surrounding communities. In addition, Joe is the lead instructor for the Philadelphia Police Department’s Hostage Negotiator Program, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counter Terrorism and the use of personal protective equipment. Because of his exceptional leadership skills, Joe serves as the team leader on the Major Incident Response Team for the Philadelphia and the surrounding counties.

Prior to his current assignment and following the events of 9/11, Joe was selected by the Philadelphia Police Commissioner to serve on the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. In that capacity, he investigated terrorism cases and other threats to Philadelphia and the surrounding communities.

After Detective Rovnan joined the Philadelphia Police Department, as a patrol officer he was assigned to the 26th, 35th and 8th Police Districts and was subsequently promoted to a Detective and assigned to the Northeast Detective Division.