Deirdre Groenen

Deirdre Groenen

Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel, Innovative Benefit Planning, LLC

Deirdre Groenen is Vice President of Human Resources and General Counsel for Innovative Benefit Planning, LLC. Deirdre is an experienced employment lawyer and leader in human resources.

In her current in-house role at Innovative Benefit Planning, LLC, she serves as an in-house attorney on legal matters and oversees her company’s internal Human Resources Department. She also serves as a Human Resources consultant to Innovative’s external clients, helping them navigate and tackle HR and compliance issues.
Deirdre has a unique background of litigation and in-house experience with 7 years in civil defense litigation, including extensive work in employment litigation and counseling, followed by 7 years leading, developing and scaling a Human Resources Department, and its policies and initiatives, to meet the needs of a dynamic and fast-growing company. Deirdre developed and scaled the Human Resources Department and its functions to meet the needs of a business, which grew from 800 employees in 2011 to 2,400 employees in 2018. She oversaw all areas of Human Resources, including employee handbook and other policy development, training on sensitivity, diversity and inclusion, workers’ compensation claims, and FMLA, ADA, and other leave administration. She was responsible for employee relations and investigation of harassment and discrimination claims.

She has extensive experience in a variety of employment litigation and counseling matters, including FLSA classification audits and analysis, diversity and inclusion training, discrimination and harassment claims, retaliation claims, FMLA and ADA claims and enforcement, and other matters.

She will discuss her real world experience of developing and implementing sensitivity and diversity training in the company and will provide practical takeaways and lessons learned to help you develop and evolve your company’s training initiatives.