The Prescription Drug Epidemic: Knowing the Right Answers to Protect the Workplace

It is difficult for any person in the U.S. to ignore the increasing problem of prescription drug abuse. The issue of prescription drug abuse is complex and workplace testing requires a firm understanding of what employers can do when confronted with use and abuse of prescription drugs. This informative session gives participants insight into the size of the epidemic, the complexities of managing use and abuse in the workplace, the impact changing legislation has on policy and programs and how it is affecting business operation.

  • Discuss the state of substance use and abuse in the U.S. and the growing challenges caused by prescription drugs
  • Understanding laws impacting workplace drug testing policy as they pertain to prescription drug use both on a state and federal level
  • Review of best practices for HR policy and program development when combatting use and abuse in the workplace to ensure a legally defensible policy

Nina French, Managing Partner, Current Consulting Group