Building a people analytics function and delivering high-impact analytics

How do you practically implement people analytics within your organization to improve the overall workforce performance? And how do you align high-impact analytics with the overall business strategy?

This session will discuss how to build the people analytics function from scratch as well as partnering with leadership to enhance existing data teams to align to strategic objectives and the needs of the business. Headcount and turnover are basic reporting metrics, but how do we move to more actionable data that aligns to the business objectives?

David will outline the concept of high impact analytics and demonstrate the way to show value to the business is to align metrics to the business objectives. People Analytics is not an HR-only concept; but has the potential to help each function within an organization achieve its strategic goals.

David will discuss the different functional models for the people analytics team. He will provide pros and cons for each organizational structure to help organizations to determine which model fits into their company.

Regardless of the structure type, David will reinforce that it is critical for these teams to remain aligned. Teams must share data and align to the leadership team. He will also explain the importance of educating leaders on the ways to use data (enable not hurt them).

In addition to discussing the models of the people analytics teams, he will also provide insight on building the teams. The most critical role is the leader of the team. If you do not have the right leader for the team, the team will fail. What are the core competencies for the leader of the organization as well as sought-after characteristics for members of the team? David will touch on whether to hire internally and train or hire externally and provide pros and cons for each approach.

Finally, David will discuss data quality. He will explain the importance of data quality and steps to take for the clean-up process.


David Rhoden, Founder and Principal Consultant, The Rhoden Group, LLC