Closing Sessions

Day 1 – May 19, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Leading Imperfectly: Leading Through Uncertainty with Authenticity

James Robilotta – Author, Professional Speaker, Personal Coach & Trained Improv Comedian

Hey superheroes, take off your capes (but please leave on your mask). Hey leaders, let’s check our ego for a second. In this session, you’ll be asked to think critically about the way you communicate with others. When you lead authentically through your experiences, shortcomings, and lessons learned, you make yourself appear human to your co-workers, which boosts morale and trust. In the midst of a critical social justice movement we must focus on what is right, not the need to be right. In the global pandemic, we must preach and practice empathy for ourselves and others. It is during this period of ambiguity and uncertainty that leaders emerge, but not the ones who are trying to be perfect. No, it is the ones who recognize the power of authenticity and relatability that will inspire others right now.

By attending this closing session participants will:

    • Reflect on their desire for perfection and control in ambiguous times.
    • Apply the theory of Authentic Leadership to the way they lead
    • Analyze how they let others define what authenticity means to them, even if it makes them uncomfortable.



Day 2 – May 20, 3:00pm-4:00pm

Dare On! How HR Can Get It’s Groove Back

Lu Ann Cahn – 8x Emmy Winning Journalist, two-time cancer survivor & author of I Dare Me

What doesn’t end up on your desk? Recruiting? Hiring? Evaluating? Caregiving? Squabble settling? Culture creating? Crisis managing? Morale Boosting? And all that in the middle of this pandemic, not to mention the needs of your own family.

You are expected to lead, dare, and inspire everyone else to try new things, move in new directions with your organization, but that’s hard to do if you aren’t taking care of YOU.

Lu Ann Cahn is the author of I Dare Me, based on the year she did one new thing a day, 365 days in a row to get her life unstuck. This 8x Emmy Winning Journalist and two time cancer survivor will inspire and motivate you to resist your “”no”” voice and say “”yes”” to “”Dare On and Get Your HR Groove Back””.

You’ll learn:

        • The science that makes us happier and more productive when we are trying things for the first time
        • How to take steps that will make you more resilient, and
        • How to adjust to the dramatic changes we are facing now, giving yourself the HR treatment so you can be there for the people who depend on you.