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2017 Closing Speaker

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Proudly Announcing the 2017 Closing Speaker!

David RaymondThe Original Phillie Phanatic &
Emperor of Fun and Games

David Raymond pioneered the field of sports mascots with his innovative inhabitation of the world-renowned Phillie Phanatic, and his vision and performance skill spawned a revolution in the mascot industry. Creating fan adoration and brand leadership for the Phillies and the Phanatic for 16 years led David into the world of delivering “serious fun” to the workplace. In this role, he focuses on maximizing employee engagement for the purposes of morale building, retention, health, and productivity. As Emperor of Fun and Games at Raymond Entertainment Group, David has generated The Power of Fun™ for professional sports teams and leading companies across the nation and has been profiled by CNN, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, HBO, SiriusXM and NPR.

The Power of Fun!

Building a positive and engaged workplace culture is an ever growing priority for business leaders and many believe it is a necessary cornerstone to creating a high-performance organization.  In this interactive and memorable closing session David Raymond, will share the business and life lessons he learned from the “inside out” during his 17-year career as the man in the Phanatic suit and uncover how, when leaders recognize the value of fun, they can fully achieve a workplace culture that fosters engaged and high-performing employees.

David draws on his journey as the Phanatic and his work as a consultant and expert in powerful fun for sports teams and professional organizations across the country to provide the “laws of fun” and steps in the process of customizing a strategy in order to create a culture of Serious Fun.

  • In a very FUN way, David Raymond will share how you can build brand value, influence and increase employee engagement and maximize productivity at every level. It’s going to be a blast!
You won’t want to miss out on the fun!
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“As someone who truly understands the importance of teamwork and camaraderie, I’m happy to recommend Dave Raymond.” – Cal Ripken, Jr.

“I was really invigorated and I’ve been taking the FUN ‘values’ you’ve instilled in us, everywhere I go these days.” – Derek Allen, Glaxo Smith Kline